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(EN) What are the importing instructions for succesfully using Spic&Scan?


To have a succesfull import, your Spic&Scan file needs to comply to some basic demands.
- The Spic&Scan file must have one of the following formats: Excel (XLS of XLSX) of CSV (semicolon devided)
- The columnnames in the first row of your QuickScan-file need to be identical to the names in our uploadfile
- If a file is provided in CSV format: the correct way for dates is: DD/MM/YYYY and please use a comma as decimal separator

To have a minimum spendanalysis, your Spic&Scan file needs to contain the following columns:
- Date
- Amount*
- Supplier name and number

* All amounts reported in this software and your Spic&Scan file will be reported in Euro's, unless a valid 3-digit valuta code is mentioned in the Column 'Valuta'.
In that case, Spic&Scan is programmed to recalculate the amounts to EURO's, based on the currency-rates mentioned by the European Central Bank valid on the transaction day from the 'Date' Column.

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